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Spotlight on Speakers

CAA19 Congress

13 – 15 AUGUST 2019


CAA19 Conference Program 


Imagining Ambulance Services in 2050 is an exciting and necessary challenge to ensure the pre-hospital sector is prepared and eager to embrace the future. 


Presentations across the two-day program will capture the world we could not have imagined 40 years ago and look to what we might expect. 


Emergency Medicine in the air & on the ground

Professor Richard Lyon MBE

Pre-hospital Futurology

Bernard Salt AM

Queensland University of Technology

Kylie Ash

Director of Victorian Stroke Telemedicine


Chris Bladin

Dr Bruce McCabe

Manager Health Relations, NSW Ambulance

Anna Bown

Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs

Dr Ng Yih Yng

Right Care Advisor – Hauora Māori St John, New Zealand

Michelle Brett

Clinical Research Coordinator, Queensland Ambulance Service

Dr Denise Bunting

CEO, St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea

Matthew Cannon OStJ

Nursing Coordinator, Melbourne Mobile Stroke Unit

Skye Coote

PRECRU/Curtin University and SPH&PM/Monash University

Professor Judith Finn


St John Ambulance WA

Lauren D'Arcy

Executive Director, 
Wellington Free Ambulance

Kate Jennings

Area Manager,

Ambulance Victoria

Michelle Murphy ASM

Critical Care Paramedic Educator, NSW Ambulance

Marty Nichols

Director of Research and Evaluation, Ambulance Victoria 


Karen Smith

Medical Director, Wellington Free Ambulance

Dr Andy Swain

CEO, Emergency Medical Services in Copenhagen, Denmark

Freddy Lippert

Chief Executive Officer, Stroke Foundation

Sharon McGowan

Critical Care Paramedic, 
Queensland Ambulance Service

Wayne Loudon

Industry Solutions Manger, Emergency Services, Trapeze Group 

David Panter

Clinical Practice Manager - SI, St John New Zealand

Curt Ward

Consultant Neurosurgeon and PreHospital Care Specialist, Medical Director, GoodSAM

Mark Wilson


Edith Cowan University

Dr Brennen Mills

Programme Lead - Paramedic, Wellington Free Ambulance

Jec Sanders

Clinical Support Officer,

St John NZ

Byron Williams

Clinical Associate Professor Darshan Ghia

Women in Leadership Forum


The Women in Leadership Forum is an unprecedented opportunity for delegates to participate in an exceptional event designed to highlight women’s challenges and success stories in the workforce. An impressive program of presentations and interactive sessions will be opened by St John WA CEO Michelle Fyfe.


CEO Western Australia Cricket Association

Christina Matthews

PhD, Commissioner for Equal Opportunity (SA)

Dr Niki Vincent

The Barefoot Leader, Leadership and Performance Expert

Jeremy Watkins

Assistant Commissioner of Queensland Ambulance Service

Michelle Baxter ASM

Chief Executive Officer, St John Ambulance, WA

Michelle Fyfe

Julie Colvin

Commander, Western Australian Police Force

Joanne McCabe

CEO, Ambulance Tasmania

Neil Kirby ASM

Chief Executive Officer,

St John Ambulance, Northern Territory

Judith Barker

Superintendent -
Community Engagement Division, Western Australian Police Force

Supt. Kate Taylor

Infection Control Workshop



Senior Lecturer Paramedicine, University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Nigel Barr

Nurse Consultant / Infection Control Coordinator, SA Ambulance Service

Leanne Coulson

Manager, Infection Control, NSW Ambulance

Michelle Fernandez


Infection Prevention and Control Officer, St John WA

Ellie Golling

Manager, Infection Control, NSW Ambulance

Kate Hipsley

A/Director Strategy & Innovation, NSW Ambulance

David Morris

Director, Australasian College of Infection Prevention & Control

Kristie Popkiss

Infectious Diseases Physician & Clinical Microbiologist

Associate Professor Christopher Heath

Clinical Microbiologist / Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr Jonathan Chambers

Global Resuscitation Alliance Masterclass



Chief Executive, The Council of Ambulance Authorities

David Waters

Operations Manager Systems & Performance, St John Ambulance WA

Austin Whiteside

Resuscitation Officer,

Ambulance Victoria

Matt Rose

Manager, Emergency

Co-Responder Programs, Ambulance Victoria

Mike Ray

Regional team Leader Kangaroo Island, SA Ambulance Service

Michael Berden

PRECRU/Curtain University and SPH&PM/Monash University

Professor Judith Finn

Research Assistant,

Ambulance Victoria



Director of Research and Evaluation, Ambulance Victoria 


Karen Smith

Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs

Dr Ng Yih Yng

Head of Clinical Audit and Research, St John


Bridget Dicker

Medical Director, Wellington Free Ambulance

Dr Andy Swain

Clinical Support Officer,

SA Ambulance Service

Jordan Pring

CEO, Emergency Medical Services in Copenhagen, Denmark

Freddy Lippert

Program Coordinator, Early Access Defibrillation Program, NSW Ambulance

Cara Peresson

Resuscitation Improvement and strategic cardiac arrest management planning, St John WA

Dan Rose

Chief Executive Officer of Ambulance Victoria

Tony Walker ASM